Congressman McClintock (R-CA04) Town Hall Review

Last Saturday [February 04, 2017] over a 1,000 citizens showed their solidarity at the Tower Theater in  Roseville.  They assembled to confront Rep. Tom McClintock who was having a town hall meeting.

As with the Women’s March in Sacramento in January, people held their hand-made signs denoting their particular interest, i.e. climate change, the ACA, Social Security, DACA, etc.

I was told that people started to arrive that morning at 6:30 determined to get a good seat.  Unfortunately only 100 or so seats were allotted to the public.  Those of us who didn’t gain entry were determined to have our voices heard.  There were numerous chants of “This is What Democracy Looks Like”, “No Ban, No Wall” and my particular favorite, “Ho, Ho, Tom McClintock Has To Go!”

The newly formed Indivisible Movement has begun to energize and solidify those of us who want our representatives in Washington to adhere to the Constitution and to America’s reputation throughout the world. Simply put, that we are an inclusive, non-judgmental democracy.  We want our representatives to further America’s reputation of being a nation of immigrants, no matter where they come from. We want our representatives to know that all religions are allowed in this country.  And, we want our representatives to know that this movement is here to stay!

I hope Mr. McClintock listened.  And I hope we made him realize that the seat he has held for what seems like forever, that seat he has never really had to campaign for,  is not that safe a seat any longer.

-Rosalie Wohlfromm

Member of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee