US Constitution

Constitutional Reform?

There has always been much discussion (dispute) about what the U.S. Constitution — the supreme law of the United States — actually means.  Although many have stressed out about its interpretation, most of the Constitution is pretty clear.  It’s written in modern English!  Many others have pointed out that gaping holes do exist.   The 232 year old document was deliberately drafted lean with Congress expected to fill in with Federal law.  For instance, there has been discussion recently about the Supreme Court, particularly concerning its exact complement.  Democrats have complained that Mitch McConnell has effectively “packed” the courts by denying President Obama’s appointments and is now “fast tracking”  Trump’s.  A possible solution has been suggested that would add new members if and when Democrats regain the White House and Senate at the same time thereby “unpacking” the Supreme and lower courts.  In the past, particularly during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Republicans have complained that this sort of change was “unconstitutional” and couldn’t be done for purely political reasons.

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Kevin De Leon and Jessica Morse

Election Mailer – Morse and De Leon

Dear DCC Members and Club Leaders,

Some of you have likely noticed that the Official Voter Guide that was mailed to residents in Roseville, Rocklin, and the Tahoe-Truckee area did not include Congressional District 04 (Jessica Morse) or US Senate (Kevin DeLeon) as endorsed races/candidates. Our original design included both of them as endorsed candidates on all three mailers. Our printer required that we pre-pay the postage for this mailer. So we contacted our Accountant to make the required payment.

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Meet Jackie Smith, Candidate for California State Assembly 2018

Right now there is someone who has completely dedicated her life to making your life in Placer County better. Right now there is someone who is working day and night to earn your trust, your respect, and your vote. Right now Jackie Smith is working to become the next representative for California’s 6th Assembly District.

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