Election Mailer – Morse and De Leon

Election Mailer – Morse and De Leon

Dear DCC Members and Club Leaders,

Some of you have likely noticed that the Official Voter Guide that was mailed to residents in Roseville, Rocklin, and the Tahoe-Truckee area did not include Congressional District 04 (Jessica Morse) or US Senate (Kevin DeLeon) as endorsed races/candidates. Our original design included both of them as endorsed candidates on all three mailers. Our printer required that we pre-pay the postage for this mailer. So we contacted our Accountant to make the required payment.

Our Accountant rightfully asked what information would be on the postcard and who would get the information. She informed us that since congressional district 04 and the US Senate seats would be listed, the entire project, about $7,500, would need to be paid 100% using federal dollars [Reminder: Federal Dollars come from individual donations;  State Dollars come from Unions].

At the time, we had about $10,000 in our federal account. This expenditure would have left us with only $2,500 in federal dollars. This means that we would not have been able to fund the headquarters extension and we would have had to extensively fundraise over the next month to have enough money to even continue operating over the next year.

Our options were limited at that time and we had only a very short amount of time to make a decision. We could either remove Morse and DeLeon from the mailer and send it out to the 15,000 voters that we had identified, or we could cancel the project altogether.

A principal goal of this project was to expose our down-ballot candidates to our voters. So canceling the entire project would have been the more detrimental option. I made the decision to remove Morse and DeLeon  from the card. By doing this, we are able to pay for the project 100% from State Dollars of which we have a very healthy amount. 

In preparing for the October meeting of the DCC with a focus on discussing our upcoming activities in this election cycle, I failed to announce this design change at the last DCC meeting. This left the recipients of the card (some of you) surprised when they noticed that Morse and DeLeon were not listed on the card.  Worse, some volunteers had donated funds specifically toward this project expecting to see Morse and DeLeon listed on the flyer and are rightfully disappointed [Both Morse and DeLeon were included as part of the Doorhanger project which is finishing up now,  but they were not listed on this current mailer].

This was the first time in recent years that we have attempted a mailing such as this. Truthfully, this has been a hard lesson.  We will certainly learn from this and we will ensure that needed funds are available in the correct accounts for any future mailings that include federal candidates.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

In solidarity, 

Tomas Vera