Meet Jackie Smith, Candidate for California State Assembly 2018

Right now there is someone who has completely dedicated her life to making your life in Placer County better. Right now there is someone who is working day and night to earn your trust, your respect, and your vote. Right now Jackie Smith is working to become the next representative for California’s 6th Assembly District.

Jackie gave up her career so that she can dedicate all her time and energy to the campaign. I wanted to find out why. Who is Jackie Smith, what motivated her to run, and what does she want to do? The purpose of this article is to reveal the answers to these questions and to share my experience with Jackie at her favorite coffee shop.

We met at the Four Score Coffee House which is a quaint little coffee shop in Old Town Roseville. I knew exactly why she picked this place as soon as I entered. My senses were immediately overloaded with immense vibrations of quality and artistic expression. This is the type of place that you go expecting to have thought-provoking dialogue and memorable experiences. Jackie did not disappoint.

My first thought as Jackie entered the room was “she definitely looks the part.” If we wanted to let the aliens know what a successful business woman looks like, we could just send them Jackie’s picture on this day. However, the most poignant revelation that I gleaned from those first moments was the tremendous vibrancy in her eyes and her joyful smile. Jackie is truly an enlightened soul who seems capable of presenting only her authentic self to the world.

Jackie treated me the same way that she would treat a guest in her home. She embraced me with love and open arms. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed because she was 100% open to me and the journey. Consequently, we settled into our conversation very seamlessly. It felt much more like two friends reminiscing than an interview. I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “I could talk to this woman for hours.” You could too.

Another key discovery I made about Jackie during our conversation is that she is an extremely passionate individual. She has an intense emotional connection to her family, her community, and to people in general. It is this kinship with her surroundings that drives her today. She just wants to help and make things better.

Jackie became compelled to run for public office after the 2016 election. She looked at the leadership void and noticed that nobody was stepping-up to fill it. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Jackie decided to run for office so that she can promote diversity, inclusion, dignity, respect, and prosperity for all.

These are not simply words to Jackie. She wants to be an advocate for the senior community, affordable housing, and protection of the open spaces that make our district such a beautiful place to live. When she is sharing her vision, she speaks with tremendous charisma and enthusiasm. Her tone is focused and astute. Her eyes burst with energy and her hands become very animated. Her soul is exposed. There is no doubt that she is genuine. She will represent us extremely well.

As the slogan states at the bottom of her website, Jackie is the “Right Voice at the Right Time.” If you would like to get involved and/or to learn more about Jackie and her campaign, please visit her website at