Placer County Democrat Party February 2018 Newsletter

There’s A Blue Wave Coming and a strong push to take back the House.  We 
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A Message from our Chairman CJ Jawahar.


Hello friends and fellow Democrats,

I am pleased to meet you again via Placer County Democratic Party’s February newsletter. Let me start off with a quote which I think is a great inspiration for people from all walks of life, politics included.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy!” – Dale Carnegie.

I admire and respect all those candidates who worked very hard over this past year, got busy out there meeting and greeting constituents across their districts. At the end of January, Democratic Party delegates around the state exercised their vote to pre-endorse candidates running for number of state and federal offices. My sincere thanks to all Placer delegates from the Central Committee, Clubs and ADEMs who participated enthusiastically and with full energy at the regional conferences, which happen every even year before the California’s June Primary. Now that the pre-endorsement conferences are coming to a close, this great rush of voter support will leverage our move to usher in the California primary. Let’s put our differences aside and work together to Get-Out-The-Vote to help democrats win in June and November. Remember one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors (Plato). Therefore, let’s get out and get busy.

Stronger Together and Placer Matters!

CJ Jawahar
Chair, Placer County Democratic Party.       


Congratulations to Candidate Jackie Smith, AD-6, for garnering 100% of the pre-endorsement votes at the Region 3 Pre-Endorsement Conference!

In CD4 no candidate received 70% for automatic endorsement recommendation; at least one candidate received 50%, triggering a second endorsement caucus. The caucus will be held at the CDP convention, with approximately 75 state party delegates who will cast their votes in person or by a chosen proxy voter who lives in their district.

In AD1 No Candidate Filed, In AD5 Carla Jean Neal received endorsement, in SD4 
No Candidate Filed, In CD1 No Consensus.                                    

In 2017, we marched. In 2018, we RUN!!!

Republicans, for decades, have recruited conservatives to run for local positions and then aggressively developed their bench of candidates to move up to state-wide and national political positions. That’s how they have stuffed state legislatures and Congress with conservatives even though there are more progressives in the USA.

So it’s time for progressives to add to their talk about grassroots Get out the Vote activities and RUN FOR OFFICE!

In support of this, AADC’s Local Advocates team has developed a list of 2018 Placer County OPEN SEATS (local elected and appointed positions). Positions start at the top two Placer County Supervisor positions – and go down to the very local level of Fire, School and Water Districts. We’ve garnered the support of the Placer County Democratic Club Chairs/Presidents to help recruit, train and support these candidates in 2018!

So, if you want to run for office, or you know a friend or neighbor you think would be a great public servant, then send your name and/or their name, as well as their contact information, into these Placer County leads.

We’ll follow up and send them the Placer County OPEN SEATS list and begin to recruit these potential candidates:

Auburn Area – Jan Bell,
Lincoln Area – Art Fluter,
Upper Foothills Area (Colfax/Weimar/Applegate/ Foresthill/Meadow Vista) –

Tomas Vera,
Rocklin/Penryn/Newcastle Area – Mark Davis,
Roseville/Granite Bay Area – Toni Fisher,
Tahoe Truckee Area – Paco Lindsay,

Not sure if you’re ready to RUN???? Then go to this FREE Candidate Training offered by Placer County Elections Department:

Placer County Public Office Candidates Workshop
February 17th (Saturday), 10 am to 1 pm
Placer County Elections Office 2956 Richardson Drive, Auburn.

Check our Current Elections page for upcoming Candidate Workshop information

Don’t be disillusioned and cynical, RUN!!!



Links to article worth reading:
Fact Checking the State Of The Union Address:

Democrats in droves seek to topple GOP in California’s congressional races:

The only one missing from this list is Trump:

In spite of the heavy rain, over 110 turn out for Healthcare Town Hall!

The organizing committee and speakers were worried about the turn out because of the heavy rain the night of January 24th.  However more than 110 people came out to hear about and ask questions relating to SB562 Healthcare for All.  The event was well received by all who attended.


Know Your Local Democratic Clubs

Our local Democratic Clubs are the strength and source of Democratic Activism in the Placer County Area. Placer County Democratic Party currently has eleven chartered Democratic Clubs.

Generally, clubs exist to establish a congenial environment within which members may discuss issues of mutual concern, to promote candidates, policies and ideals of the Democratic Party, to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in a significant way in the conduct of public affairs, to observe the political actions of elected officials representing jurisdictions within which members of the club may live, to study and take positions on public policy issues, to track progress of legislation and administrative actions affecting issues on which the club has taken a position, to engage in actions to persuade policymakers to support the club’s positions, to increase voter registration and to support the Placer County Democratic Central Committee in its activities.
Progressive Democrats of South Placer

If you’re interested in forming a club in your area, please contact us.

According to State by-laws, any organization which uses the name “Democrat” and raises money must obtain a charter from the County Central Committee of the county in which they operate. In order to be a chartered Democratic club an organization must have:

A minimum of 20 registered Democrats, a majority of whom reside in the same Assembly District and/or belong to the group the club intends to represent (youths from 16 to 18 may join if they sign a statement that it is their intent to register as a Democrat at 18).

A set of bylaws which establishes annual dues, nomination, election and term of officers and a regular meeting schedule. All general program meetings must be open to the public. Clubs may make endorsements in non-partisan elections but may not endorse, support, encourage or help non-Democratic candidates in partisan and non-partisan elections.

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Placer Victory Fund!!!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Placer County Democratic Party “Placer Victory Fund”. You may be asking what the Placer Victory Fund (PVF) is and what the money will be used for. The PVF will be utilized to advance Democratic values in Placer County, support local candidates, and help cover our operating expenses. Every dollar that is received will be spent on focusing on the future for Placer County.

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