A Message From Tomas Vera Chair, Placer County Democratic Party

We are hearing the beating of war drums louder every passing day.

The administration has announced that they are considering plans of deploying over 120,000 troop in military action against Iran. The president has stated “If we did that, we’d send a hell of a lot more troops than that.”

This action is being championed by none other than John Bolton. The same John Bolton who used false and misleading information to push us into the Iraq war. In hindsight, that was a war that was avoidable, were it not for John Bolton. Nearly half a million American and Iraqi lives were lost solely to satisfy the blood-lust of one man: John Bolton.

There are credible people speaking out against this action. Military generals and diplomats from our allies have pointed out the errors and fallacies put forth by the administration, but have been disparaged and discredited by the president and this administration. When we left the agreement with Iran in order to pursue our misguided policy, our allies stuck with the agreement.

One administration official has explicitly (albeit anonymously) stated that “the ultimate goal of the yearlong economic sanctions campaign by the Trump administration was to draw Iran into an armed conflict with the United States.”

The worst part is that Bolton has manipulated our President into supporting this war. In an ironic twist, Donald Trump is the one person who is inclined to keep us out of this war.

What can we in Placer County do? Less than I’d like.

Most Californians would expect our US Senators to vote against any such actions. But we can not be silent on this issue. Many notable Democratic Senators have in the past voted in favor of such resolutions more often than not.

Please contact Senators Feinstein and Harris and let them know that the United States of America should not be drawn into a costly and deadly war to satisfy the needs of a morally corrupt Administration.

Senator Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707
Senator Kamala Harris: (916) 448 – 2787

In solidarity,
Tomas Vera
Chair, Placer County Democratic Party

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